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Visitor Visas

Foreigners who wish to temporarily visit the United States for business or tourist purposes will often be required to first obtain a visa from the U.S.

Consulate in the country they reside abroad, unless they qualify for a visa waiver program, which applies to certain participating countries. The consular processor must be satisfied that the visitor has no intent to work in, or remain in the United States, before issuing a visitor visa. Some visas may be granted for as little as 30 days, or as much as 10 years.

Business Visa

The B-1 visa applies to visitors who wish to enter the United States to negotiate contracts, repair of equipment purchased outside the U.S., taking orders of foreign goods, consultation with business associates, litigation, and participation in seminars. The visitor must not be seeking gainful U.S. employment.

Tourist Visa

The B-2 visa applies to visitors for typical tourist activities, medical treatments, seminars, and conventions.

We work with potential visitors to prepare an application for a visitor and submit it to the proper authority. The final decision will be made at the consulate or embassy abroad, after an interview with the applicant.

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