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[Charleston Immigration Attorney David Vyborny’s] understanding of an immigrant situation, stress, and concerns was something we could not find in any other lawyer. His words and advice was so helpful.... We are so glad that we had a chance to have David as our lawyer.
— H.H.
Charleston Immigration Lawyer David Vyborny

Charleston Immigration Lawyer David Vyborny

If you are looking for integrity, honesty, hard work and dedication then look no further than Attorney David Vyborny for your Immigration Needs!
— M.E.S.
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Getting a visa to live and work in the United States is more than just reading instructions and filling out application forms. Each visa is based on a complicated set of federal laws that are difficult to navigate. If you miss something, you could be wasting time and money; more importantly you could be risking your ability to enter the U.S. in the future, or even your freedom.

The U.S. immigration visa process is the same everywhere. Whether you are in South Carolina, other states, or anywhere in the world, we can help simplify the visa process for you.


Business Visa

For U.S. businesses who need professional assistance when considering employing foreign workers, and global enterprises expanding operations to the United States.  
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Family visa

For certain family members of United States Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) who wish to become permanent residents of the U.S.
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Investor Visa

For foreigners who wish to invest into existing U.S. businesses as a path to permanent residence, or create their own U.S. startups
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Visitor Visa

For foreigners who wish to temporarily visit the United States for business or tourist purposes  
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Immigration Experience

Immigration is in my family's history. Central and eastern Europe was the subject of foreign oppression throughout the 20th century. In 1968, when Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia to suppress democracy and strengthen Communist rule, my parents fled to find freedom in the West. Leaving their families behind, they each made their ways through France, Germany, England, and eventually to Canada, where I was born. Since then, I have had personal experience with U.S. immigration, having different types of visas, and I hope to help others who seek the freedoms and protections offered in the United States.

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