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Can I get a free consultation?

Free consultations are for individuals who are interested in hiring an attorney to handle their immigration case, and want to learn more about an attorney, the strategy that attorney might take with their case, and what the fees are. Some attorneys charge for this time – we don’t.

During a free consultation with an immigration attorney, you can expect the following:

  • We will ask you questions to get to know your situation in order for us to determine your eligibility for an immigration benefit
  • We will describe what you can expect from us and our firm
  • We will cover the approach we would take to your case
  • We will quote you a legal fee, and inform you of government fees

Free consultations are sometimes confused with paid consultations. Free consultations are for when you are interviewing immigration attorneys to hire for your case, and you want us to tell you how we would handle your case and what the fees would be. Paid consultations are for the following situations:

  • You are looking for legal advice on what you should do
  • You want to know what are all of your options to live and/or work in the United States, including what visas are available to you
  • What you will need to get a visa
  • Are you eligible for a certain type of visa
  • How to complete a visa application yourself, and what type of evidence you need
These types of consultations require us to spend a lot of time to examine your situation, apply our experience and expertise, and provide you with our legal advice.

Most attorneys don’t share their expertise for free. Also, giving you the best legal advice means understanding everything that might affect your situation, so it is in your interest to pay for the service. 

When you hire a lawyer for a consultation, we are obligated to act in your best interest.

What is a paid consultation?

What if I don't know whether or not I need a lawyer?

In this case you will likely fall into the paid consultation category, since we will have to take the time to evaluate your situation at length to advise you on your legal options. But there is good news

At Occam Immigration, if you pay a consultation fee and later decide to hire our firm to handle your case, we will credit your consultation fee against your legal fees!

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Meet Your Immigration Team

Immigration Attorney David Vyborny

David Vyborny

Principal and Managing Attorney, David has personal experience with various visas and understands what immigration means to people

Immigration Attorney Mariah Morris

Mariah Morris

Associate Attorney, Mariah found her passion for working with all types of personal immigration matters while working at Catholic Charities

Allison Goddard-Gonzales

Allison Goddard-Gonzales

Paralegal, Allison's personal connection to immigration is through her father and husband, who went through the immigration process

Gail Lowry

"Officer" Gail Lowry

Case Manager, "Officer" Gail is a 28-year veteran of USCIS/INS, where she adjudicated and approved various immigration applications