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Led by Immigration Attorney David Vyborny, Occam Immigration simplifies the U.S. federal immigration process for businesses, families, investors, and visitors from around the world. Our mission is achieved by adhering to our core values of being accessible, professional, and trustworthy counselors who are quick learners, have a sharp understanding of law and the immigration processes, leverage technology to improve the client experience, and are particularly skilled in communicating with people of all cultural backgrounds.

Getting approved for immigration benefits is more than just completing a standard form. It can be a complex process which includes gathering relevant evidence, preparing for interviews, and legal research.

The challenges facing most applicants for immigration benefits are knowing how to answer certain questions, and providing clear evidence to government officials that your petition should be approved. We take the time to understand the details and complexities of your case, and create a custom strategy based on your situation so we can present a clear and comprehensible application.

We are here to make immigrating to the United States simple for you - even if you are half way around the world and are immigrating to anywhere in the United States, we can handle your case. We offer simple flat fees and we don’t charge you every time you want to ask your lawyer a question, like other firms do. Contact us today to see how our team can help you get approved for a visa.

Headquartered in South Carolina

South Carolina is becoming home to more people every day, and that includes foreigners. Thanks to the availability of land, a temperate climate, prime location on the eastern seaboard, and a business-friendly environment, major global companies - like Boeing, Michelin, Honda, BMW, Bosch, and now Volvo - have operations in South Carolina, along with 1200 foreign-owned companies. Other major industries include agriculture, tourism, and international shipping. These businesses are bringing job opportunities and foreign families to the growing economy of the state, and we enjoy being part of the dynamic atmosphere.

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